For the ultimate selection of corporate apparel you cannot go past the City Collection. It’s all about smart designs that will take you through different seasons and withstand a hard day’s work, without compromising on style or elegance.

From our recently launched City Collection range we offer a selection of garments to suit many body types. And with a keen eye for elegance, we know your staff will highly approve! Our clever cowl neck Eva top from our City Collection range is an exception piece that offers you the ability to look smart at work and then offer an elegant option for after hours. You ask why it’s clever? That’s easy, our City Collection designers ensure that the neck line does not gap allowing elegance and modesty throughout your work day.

The City Collection shirts are also an standout with clever no gap concealed buttons to make sure your staff feel comfortable while two sleeve lengths and a wide range of colours ensure that there is a perfect solution to compliment your corporate image.

You can’t go past our City Collection coverknit cardigan. Using the finest of Marino wool with a dash of acrylic ensures a gorgeous soft feel while the longer length is perfect for over our shirts and other City Collection pieces. With durability and easy wash and wear, the City Collection is the perfect choice for corporate businesses and organsiations.

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