Melbourne based supplier Ace corporate Apparel is now laser cutting fabric designs which is an exciting new technology and more cost effective way to produce detailed and accurate designs for logos and corporate branding for your corporate apparel.

The benefits of laser cutting fabric instead of the old method are many, the accuracy is precise and there is no fraying of edges due to the searing  that is created when laser cutting fabric designs. Much more intricate cut through designs and creations on garments are able to be achieved because of the laser tips precision cutting.

Very high quality surface finishes are created when laser cutting fabric materials and this allows for longer and more durable wear of the garments branding. Using laser cutting on fabric is fast becoming the preferred choice, there is far less stitching to be done as in the traditional embroidery methods leaving much less room for error. Fabric laser cutting is a more cost effective way to design for corporate apparel and the savings are passed onto you the consumer.

We offer one of the best quality laser cutting in Melbourne.

For more information on laser cutting fabric designs and garments please contact us at our Melbourne offices to discuss how we can help you further.

Ace Corporate Apparel Melbourne

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